Offline English- Arabic Dictionary for Android

قاموس انجليزى عربى للموبايل والتابلت والأجهزة اللوحية التى تعمل بنظام أندرويد يعمل بدون اتصال بشبكة الأنترنت ، يحتوى على كثير من الخصائص يمكن أن تكتشفها بنفسك بعد تحميلة على 
Arabic Dictionary Box (also known as: English-Arabic Dict Box) is not only a dictionary, but also a translator & word-learning tool. It’s offline, simple, comprehensive and feature-rich.
- Comprehensive database
    Offline English- Arabic Dictionary for android
  • Arabic < > English
  • Support long text translation
  • Support multiple languages & dictionaries
  • Image search

- Powerful search

  • Search all dictionaries at once
  • Approximate search
  • Words, sentences, phrases are searchable
  • Word suggestions for mistyped text

- Pronunciation 

  • Human voice
  • Able to speak long text
  • Support most of languages

- UI is fast, simple, and effective

  • Double tap  > new search
  • Tap on a word to look it up
  • Instant translation in search result
  • Extra reference with one tap: Oxford dictionary, Wiktionary, Wikipedia…

- Word-learning tools

  • Word reminder
  • Review words with pictures
  • Multiple word lists 
  • Ability to add notes to words

Stardict format support
And a lot more…
Download for Android

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