0:00  In in the waters of Stradbroke Island in Australia

0:06  a monster great white shark is believed at that another great wide

0:10  virtually in half the smaller ten foot shark was a vulnerable to the attack

0:15  after being caught on a drum line which is a controversial device used to reduce

0:20   the amount of shark attacks a popular beaches

0:23   by capturing them onto hoax attached to floating buoys

0:26  of the size of the perpetrating great way

0:29   is not exactly know in as estimations by John size and bite marks are considered

0:34  to be inaccurate and

0:35  but experts believed to cause this much damage it must be close to the species

0:40  maximum size

0:41  approximately

0:44  great whites tend to avoid conflicts with each other the cannibalism

0:48  does occur from time to time my usually non-violent threat displays are enough

0:53  to resolve most matters

0:54  and in South African populations the dominance hierarchy has been observed

0:59  the females dominating males larger shirts dominating smaller ones

1:03  and residents dominating newcomers

1:06  the fact that the smallish ok with stuff gonna hook been unable to properly

1:10  respond to the larger shirts

1:12  actions probably played a part in this unusual then

1:16  the by all means these astounding photos are evidence about how powerful great

1:20  Weight

1:21  really hard

1:22  once again

1:23  Thanks for tuning in and giddy up I will

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