Akon - Strawberry Letter - Lyrics

ooooo ooooo

Rain or shine
Heat or snow
You're the reason why I ain't no go
Cause I'm playing mine
High and low
Ain't afraid of that whole world know
*end bridge*

Hello, my love
I heard a kiss from you
Red magic satin playing near, too

All through the morning rain
I gaze - the sun doesn't shine
Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind

In the garden - I see west
Purple shower, bells and tea
Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green

Prettyï» music I hear - so happy
And loud - blue flower echo
From a cherry cloud baby

A present from you
Strawberry Letter 22
A present from you - yeah
Strawberry Letter 22
*end chorus*


Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue
Playgrounds will laugh
if you try to ask
Is it cool?, is it cool?

If you arrive and don't see me
I'm going to be with my baby
I am free, I am free
flying in her arms, over the sea

Stained window, yellow candy screen
See speakers of kite - velvet rosesï» diggin' freedom flight
Ooo yeah

*bridge* x2
*bridge* x2

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