Lee Carr - The Way We Used To Be

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Have You Ever Been Tired Of People Asking
How You Doing And You Say I’m Taking It Day By Day.
Everywhere I Go I Feel Like People Laughing.
I’m So Stupid Cause I Let My Good Girl Get Away.
My Life Aint Got No Better,
So You Must Of Not Got My Letter.
So Starting Today I’m Letting Go Of My Mistakes.
Whatever You Wanna Say Baby I’m Listening Cuz I Know

I Know That I Hurt And I Don’t Deserve You
And You Say Its Karma But No
I Just Want One More Give Me And Encore
Don’t Walk Out That Door Baby

Call The Paramedics Cuz Baby I Wont Make It
If You Try To Tell Me You Don’t Wanna Be My Baby
So Don’t Say That To Me
If We Cant Be The Way We Used To Be.

[Verse 2:]
You Complain About The Studio Had Me Stressing.
Whenever We Playing My Music Had You Guessing
If I’m Out There On

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